Upgrage PHPLinks to Dew-NewPHPLinks

Upgrage PHPLinks to Dew-NewPHPLinks



First Download and install Dew-NewPHPLinks from  http://www.dew-code.com

Create mysql backup from your old version of  PHPLinks

From your Dew-NewPHPLinks script remove tables categories, links and related.

With phpMyAdmin import from your old mysql backup database tables + data categories, links and related and alter table links.

alter table links add column RecipURL varchar(100) NOT NULL default '';

alter table links add column featured set('0','1') NOT NULL default '0';

alter table links add column track set('0','1') NOT NULL default '0';

and you are done!

Of course you will need to fix some bugs in the script Dew-NewPHPLinks, but in all versions from PHPLinks are some bugs, so you know it...  To see demo of Dew-NewPHPLinks click here.


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